IItalian soprano Elisa Balbo and Illiria presenting the new project - Lunaria. The exquisitely printed book and a CD with a collection of vocal music inspired by the moon.

Lunaria invites you to an interstellar journey between darkness and light, between the past and the present. A private elective art gallery, a personal exposition of images and imaginations inspired by the night – musical chronicles of an ideal journey from sunset to sunrise.

A truly refined CD edition is enriched with the texts of Luca Micheletti, Elisa Balbo, Michele D'Elia, and the modern composer Luca Fialdini who wrote an elegant new piece "Luna Delle Nevi", especially for this project.

The singer is accompanied on the piano by Michele D'Elia.


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 Maria  Kostraki
"Mosaico Mediterraneo"

In this Mosaic, baroque blends with popular tradition. The ethnic and acoustic atmospheres of the 1900s challenge the melodic structures of classicism, and everything is ancient and modern at the same time. Maria Kostraki’s soft and supple voice is fully appreciated for its expressive richness. Antonis Sousamoglou has created remarkable arrangements which masterfully express the ability to highlight the similarities and differences of the individual pieces and to amalgamate them within such an original ensemble. 


Enjoy the new album of Maria Kostraki on all digital platforms! 

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