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About us

It is all about music!

But in our case, a live music experience is at the top. 

          We truly believe that the real beauty of music reveals itself only in a live performance. That's why it is our priority to bring you in contact with the best artists who share our vision. We are constantly working with them on a  variety of musical projects in order to offer them to you.   

We record and distribute the music on CDs and online, so you'll have a souvenir of the concerts you've seen or a glimpse of the concerts you can attend. 

               We produce documentaries and radio broadcasts about music, so you can find something new about your favorite composers or their works. 

               We organize master-classes with the best musicians of today and stream them online, so you can find out the secrets of their mastership. 
We seek to promote live music. And we are doing everything we can to make your live music experience a memorable one.  

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