"The Anthology of Russian Art Song"  


A collection of 32 most famous pieces of XIX century Russian Art Songs from Glinka till Rachmaninoff.

Text by Evgenia Krivitskaya

Illustrations by Ekaterina Zhirkova

Design by Alexey Sorokin.


Starring: Maxim Mironov, Giulio Zappa

ILLIRIA | 2021



"Songs From Far Away"  


The album of Italian baritone Vittorio Prato is dedicated to the music of Francesco Paolo Tosti - one of the most famous composers of the late  XIXth century. 

This unique collection, accompanied on the piano by illustrious Vincenzo Scalera, is enriched with the personal story of Vittorio Prato where he reflects on becoming an Artist, on his path in the world of music, and on subtle parallels with Tosti’s own career that inspired him to create this album.

Design by Alexey Sorokin.


Starring: Vittorio Prato, Vincenzo Scalera

ILLIRIA | 2021




Richard Barker plays rarely heard piano music by Gioachino Rossini on an original 1858 Pleyel instrument similar to the one Rossini himself possessed in Paris. 

​Enjoy the stream of delightful exquisite music with just a hint of melancholy that the hands of Richard Barker magically bring to life for you. The CD edition is provided with booklet notes written by Luca Ciammarughi. 


Design by Alexey Sorokin.


Starring: Richard Barker

ILLIRIA | 2020


"Il Bravo"  


The debut CD album of Vittorio Prato is dedicated to the art of the great baritone of the past – Antonio Tamburini. This exquisite selection of belcanto arias from the operas of the beginning of the XIX century is presented in an elegant edition with booklet notes written by Giancarlo Landini. 


Design by Alexey Sorokin.


Starring: Vittorio Prato, José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, Virtuosi Brunensis, Camerata Bach Choir.

ILLIRIA | 2019


"Questo è Rossini!"  


Chamber vocal music of Gioachino Rossini recorded with authentic XIX century Pleyel. The edition is enriched with an electronic booklet containing texts and translations in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. 


Texts by Reto Müller. Design by Alexey Sorokin.


Starring: Maxim Mironov, Richard Barker.

ILLIRIA | 2018

V. Bellini  "La Ricordanza"  


Chamber vocal music of Vincenzo Bellini recorded with authentic XIX century pianos.  Limited edition of 500 numbered copies.

Texts by Francesco Cesari. Illustrations by Alexey Sorokin. 

Starring: Maxim Mironov, Richard Barker.

ILLIRIA | 2017