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"Mosaico Mediterraneo"  


In this Mosaic, baroque blends with popular tradition. The ethnic and acoustic atmospheres of the 1900s challenge the melodic structures of classicism, and everything is
ancient and modern at the same time. Maria Kostraki’s soft and supple voice is fully appreciated for its expressive richness. Antonis Sousamoglou has created remarkable arrangements which masterfully express the ability to highlight the similarities and differences of the individual pieces and to amalgamate them within such an original ensemble.

Music by Charpentier, Monteverdi, Caccini, Hajidakis, Karaindrou, Serrano, Hahn, Sousamoglou.

Design by Aleksey Sorokin.


Starring: Maria Kostraki

ILLIRIA | 2022




A book and a CD with vocal music inspired by the moon.

Texts by Elisa Balbo, Luca Micheletti, Michele D'Elia, Luca Fialdini.

Design by Aleksey Sorokin.


Starring: Elisa Balbo, Michele D'Elia

ILLIRIA | 2022


"Die Zaubergitarre"  


A digital release CD with guitar music inspired by Mozart's  Magic Flute.

Design by Aleksey Sorokin.


Starring: Eugenio Della Chiara

ILLIRIA | 2021


"The Anthology of Russian Art Song"  


A collection of 32 most famous pieces of XIX century Russian Art Songs from Glinka till Rachmaninoff.

Text by Evgenia Krivitskaya

Illustrations by Ekaterina Zhirkova

Design by Aleksey Sorokin.


Starring: Maxim Mironov, Giulio Zappa

ILLIRIA | 2021